Steve Jost – May 18, 2023 A common question I hear at Dover Pools, is “how often should I shock my pool”? For a chlorine or saltwater pool, the answer is simple, you should shock your pool at least once per week. Shocking your pool is a great way to maintain crystal clear water that  Read More

Steve Jost – May 9, 2023 Almost everyone has always wanted a hot tub. There are no doubt the many health benefits of hydrotherapy. Soaking in a hot tub is an excellent way to unwind, relax, and alleviate stress. Friends and Family know that I have been in the hot tub and swimming pool business  Read More

Steve Jost – May 2, 2023 One of the common questions we hear from both new and veteran pool owners is, “when should I open my pool?” Although there is no correct answer for the spring weather in Delmarva can be unpredictable, I believe the sooner the better is the time to open your pool.  Read More