Dimension One Spas offer the widest array of custom hot tub options and are tailored to meet your own special needs. Since 1977, Dimension One has combined the latest innovations to bring you the most advanced hot tubs in the world. Comfort, style, reliability, and safety have culminated in a world of relaxation beyond compare… so whether you’re purchasing a hot tub to be alone, relaxing with family and friends, or upgrading your yard – make your purchase a Dimension One Spa.

Doctors have long recognized hot water in motion – or hydrotherapy as beneficial to your health. Invigorating jets of hot water increase your circulation and cause your blood vessels to dilate. Oxygen and nutrients rush to aching muscles. Toxins leave your system. Your stress levels drop. So does your blood pressure. And since the water’s buoyancy takes 90% of your body weight off knees and joints, your body and muscles relax. Heat also makes collagen tissue more stretchable, so if you have arthritis, you’ll move more freely with fewer pains. It’s no wonder the Arthritis Foundation recommends hydrotherapy for managing arthritic symptoms and why so many Olympic and professional athletes use hydrotherapy.

Offering quality features such as the NeckFlex Jet Pillow, Ultra Lounge, BioForm Seating, and Tactile Therapy as well as the Dynamic Massage Sequencer and Sound options – Dimension One Spas have mastered the ultimate in hot tub designs.


Indulge in the finest hot tubs Dimension One Spas® has to offer. From quality and design to innovation and power, every aspect of your hot tub experience has been refined so you can experience extraordinary.


Combine the science of hydronomics and advanced engineering and what do you get? Dimension One Spas’ performance line: ten unique hot tubs for a truly rejuvenating experience.


Dimension One Spas’ @Home Collection combines affordable style, quality, and performance. Whether for relaxing, family fun, wellness or romance, our @Home Collection offers something for everyone.