Steve Jost – May 2, 2023

One of the common questions we hear from both new and veteran pool owners is, “when should I open my pool?” Although there is no correct answer for the spring weather in Delmarva can be unpredictable, I believe the sooner the better is the time to open your pool.

There are advantages and disadvantages to opening sooner rather than later. In my opinion, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Ultimately, when Summer finally breaks in Delmarva, you want your pool swim ready, as opposed to a green swamp or still covered.

The longer your pool water sits under the cover without circulating through your filter, the chances of opening to a greener pool increases. Temperatures in Delmarva can reach over 70 degrees frequently before May. Algae loves warmer water to bloom and take over your pool. The chemicals you added when closing your pool do a great job to keep your pool clean through the winter, but the longer your pool sits before being uncovered, these chemicals will be depleted and lose their effectiveness.

Solid pool covers do an excellent job of blocking out sunlight, which will deter algae growth. But the longer that the cover is on the pool, the chances increase that the cover itself will not be enough to keep your pool water looking the way you closed it several months ago. Should the pool cover take on more water, debris or come unfastened due to wind, you may now allow extra debris into your pool, making pool opening that much more difficult. This can certainly happen any time throughout the winter or early spring, yet the sooner you pull the cover off and get your pump running, you give yourself more time to get your pool swim ready when you and your family are ready to dive in.

Even when a pool is properly winterized, it can take a few days or weeks to balance, get your water crystal clear, and ready to swim. There is also the chance that something goes wrong with your equipment. If you unfortunately need equipment repaired or replaced, it is better to beat the rush and take care of it sooner, rather than later. Pool stores and service professionals will have more availability to help you in April, than during the busy Memorial Day weekend.

To sum up, I’ve worked with happier pool owners who open sooner in April or early May. Every Memorial Day weekend, I hear from later pool openers whose pools are taking longer to get ready than they’d like, say “I wished I opened earlier”. Once the temperatures heat up, pools will take longer to clean and look inviting to swim. When pool equipment requires extra attention, pool stores are at their busiest and service companies are booked up for weeks. Take your time, open early, enjoy looking at your beautiful pool, and be ready to jump in when Summer gets here.

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