Steve Jost – May 9, 2023

Almost everyone has always wanted a hot tub. There are no doubt the many health benefits of hydrotherapy. Soaking in a hot tub is an excellent way to unwind, relax, and alleviate stress. Friends and Family know that I have been in the hot tub and swimming pool business for over 30 years, and frequently ask me “what is the best hot tub to buy”?

This is an excellent question, for there are so many brands, options, and places to buy a hot tub. The advice I give anyone who is asking me for information or my opinion before they go hot tub shopping is “don’t shop the brand, shop your local dealer” First and foremost, I do not recommend purchasing a hot tub online or through a big box store. You will get the best value and experience in the long term when you purchase from a local dealer.

Here are a few reasons:

Better Service & Warranty – Find a local dealer who will service and warranty the tubs that they sell. Hot tubs will need service at some point. This is an important question to ask when shopping local hot tub dealers. Hot tubs from the top brands sold through local dealer will have better and longer warranties. Some brands offer three to five year warranties on key components. You will want to make sure you will have a place to help you should you need assistance during or after the warranty period.

Professional Delivery – Tubs purchased online or at big box stores typically offer curb side delivery. Hot tubs can weigh over 800lbs empty and are not easy to move to your backyard patio by yourself without the proper equipment. Find a local dealer who will professionally deliver and place the hot tub where you want it. This will ensure the tub is in your preferred locations safely and soundly.

Higher Quality and Performance – the top brand hot tubs most local dealers sell will outperform and last longer than tubs sold elsewhere. You will find stronger, quieter, and more pumps in tubs carried by local dealers. Look for options such as Ozone or UV sanitizer systems. These tubs will also be built to last longer and be fully insulated. The quality of the top brand tubs will allow for a better hydrotherapy experience. These tubs cost less to operate and will be easier to keep clean, saving you money and time.

After Sales Expertise & Knowledge – Find a local dealer who will help you take care of the hot tub and water balance. Most dealers will teach you how to use your hot tub and all about proper maintenance and water care. They should offer free water testing and stock the supplies and accessories you will need to maintain your hot tub, such as replacement filter cartridges and pillows. The last time I saw a hot tub on display at a big box store, I did not see any accessories in stock for the tub.

In conclusion. you may save some money upfront purchasing a hot tub online or form online or a big box store. However, buying from a local dealer will be a much better experience and save you money and time in the long run. You will enjoy your hot tubs for many years and have support from your local dealer when needed.

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