Steve Jost – May 18, 2023

A common question I hear at Dover Pools, is “how often should I shock my pool”? For a chlorine or saltwater pool, the answer is simple, you should shock your pool at least once per week.

Shocking your pool is a great way to maintain crystal clear water that is safe to swim in. Shocking your pool is adding a large amount of chlorine, also referred to as super-chlorination or adding a non-chlorine shock to your pool. The purpose of shocking your pool is to rid your pool of organic contaminants. Shocking your pool can also increase your chlorine level, clear cloudy water, and remove algae.

Dover Pools carries several products for shocking your pool from liquid chlorine to granular chlorine and non-chlorine shocks. The most popular shock Dover Pools sells is Poolife Turbo Shock, which has the highest concentration of chlorine and is quick dissolving, safe for all types of pool.

In addition to shocking weekly as part of your weekly pool care routine, there are other times it will be helpful to shock you pool:

  • When opening your pool and before you close.
  • When your free chlorine level is low.
  • After a lot of people have been in your pool, such as a after a pool party.
  • After a heavy rain or thunderstorm.
  • During periods of high temperatures and sunshine.
  • The water looks cloudy or you can see algae.
  • You can smell chlorine. The smell of chlorine can be mistaken for having too much chlorine in your pool. When you can smell a chlorine odor, it is a sign that your free chlorine has been used up. Shocking will free up your chlorine.

The best time to shock or super-chlorinate your pool is in the evening, when the sun is going down. Sunlight will affect the effectiveness of your shock. You also do not want to swim after shocking, so it is best to wait until everyone is done using the pool. Non-chlorine shock is safe to swim with shortly after adding. Depending on the type of shock you are adding, I recommend always following the product’s label directions.

I have heard some pool owners say, “I only shock my pool when I need to”. However, if you “need to” shock your pool, you are most likely already having an issue, such as low chlorine levels or signs of algae. The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true with pools as well. Shocking weekly is an important aspect of pool maintenance and prevention. I once worked with a colleague who would say “pool owners who shock their pool weekly typically have less issues than those who don’t”.  If you have any questions on the types of shock that would work best for your pool’s weekly routine, stop by and ask one of our experts at your local Dover Pools store.

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