– Steve Jost 10/19/2023

Are all Hot Tubs Built the Same?

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for the perfect hot tub. Customers I have worked with generally talk about the price, looking for a hot tub within their budget. Other top talking points are the size, number of seats, colors, or how soon it can be delivered. One question that rarely comes up is “how is the hot tub built”. This can be something very important to consider, for how the tub is made will affect the life of the tub, affecting the overall value you pay for upfront and on-going maintenance costs.

Just like when shopping for a car, you want to check under the hood. When buying a hot tub from a big box store or online, you do not get the opportunity to see what is “under the hood” and see how the hot tub and its components are built. If you did look inside hot tubs typically sold online, you will see the tub is held together with sticks, staples, and some foam.

You will find varying types of wood frames supporting a lot of hot tubs. Over time, wood begins to rot and deteriorate being exposed to damp environments with changing temperatures. American Whirlpool and Vita hot tubs offer galvanized steel frames that will not rust and are the only frames backed by a lifetime warranty.

The amount of and type of insulation is also important. Fully insulated tubs will hold in the heat more efficiently, reducing energy costs and saving you money. Hot tubs from big box stores and online appear to have a great low price, however they can offer very little insulation inside, relating to high energy bills monthly to keep the tub warm. Afterall, we all want our hot tub water hot, especially in the fall and winter. Some tubs are packed full of foam, which provides decent heat retention. However, when a hot tub needs service, removing and replacing sprayed foam can be time consuming and costly. American Whirlpool and Vita hot tubs are fully foamed, highly energy efficient with heir Northern Exposure insulation system. This system highly efficient keeping heat in the tub, allowing the tub to be fully serviceable and is environmentally friendly, backed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

You will want years of enjoyment from a new hot tub. Keep in mind to also consider how the tub is made, how it will save money on energy and repairs throughout the life of the tub, and how easily it can be serviced when needed.  

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