• Steve Jost 11/29/23

Nothing beats backyard summer fun than your own swimming pool. You won’t miss Delaware or Eastern Shore beach traffic, looking for parking, and hauling beach accessories when you can walk outside to relax and cool off in the summer. The most affordable type of pool is an above ground pool. The right above ground pool can last for over twenty years, be easy to maintain, can be easily removed to not affect the re-sale value of your home, and cost a fraction of an in the ground pool. When considering the perfect above ground pool for your backyard and family, there are a few important things to consider that Dover Pools will help guide you through to make the right decision.

Location, Size, and Shape

First, look at your backyard and determine the best location. Ideally you will want to select a location that is relatively level, away from utility lines, septic systems, and other structures. As a rule of thumb, the pool should be three feet or more from sheds, decks, or other structures. Consider the location in terms of backyard entertainment. A pool can be incorporated into other entertainment spaces, so guests and family in the pool are close by. The cost to run electricity to the pool will also be affected by how far the pool is from the main electrical panel.

Depending on your ideal location for the pool, determine the best shape between a round pool or oval to fit in your space. Round pools are ideal for relaxing on a float, cooling off, and accommodating a lot of bathers. Generally, round pools take less time and materials to build, so you get more value from a round pool. For narrower yards, an oval pool may fit best. Oval pools also work well for swimming laps or water sports like volleyball.

Chemicals & Maintenance

Dover Pools strives to make pool care hassle free and easy. There are many different chemical systems, all of which are designed to keep pool water crystal clear and be easy to use, so you spend more time enjoying your pool. There are easy to use chlorine systems and low chlorine mineral systems. Chlorine is the tried-and-true method that is effective to keep your pool clean. Popular systems that Dover Pools offers are Sustain, an easy-to-use three-part system and a low chlorine Frog Leap mineral system. Both take only a few minutes each week. Salt-water systems are very popular and generate chlorine to keep pool water clear and safe. Salt-water chlorine generators are always producing chlorine when your pool is running, so you do not have to handle chlorine tablets.

DIY Pool Kits & Installation Packages

Dover Pools offers both complete pool kits and installation packages. A popular option to save money is a pool kit. Pool kits from Dover Pools contain everything you need to build a pool in your backyard. The kits are designed to install yourself, or homeowners can work directly with an installer. If you prefer, Dover Pools installation packages will allow Dover Pools to schedule and coordinate your new above ground pool build. Your local Dover Pools will be able to advise whether a kit or installation package is best for your needs.

Dover Pools is happy to help guide you through the process of selecting the right above ground pool for your backyard. For nearly 50 years, we have been helping families build their backyard oasis and make pool care easy with our five convenient locations and expert team members. If you are considering a pool in your backyard, stop by Dover Pools and let us show you how easy and affordable swimming in your backyard will be this Summer.

About Dover Pools

Since 1976, Dover Pools has been Delmarva’s largest pool, hot tub, and swim spa dealer. Dover Pools has five locations conveniently serving Delmarva from Salisbury Maryland, Seaford, Milford and two locations in Dover. Dover Pools offers exceptional customer service, expert advice, free water testing, and quality chemicals, supplies, accessories, games, and toys for your backyard pool and hot tub. Whether you already have your own backyard oasis of are looking for a new above ground pools, hot tubs, or power pool swims spas; Dover Pools is here to help.