Steve Jost – June 6, 2023

Now that the weather is warming up, pool owners are looking to enjoy summer-time fun in their backyard pools. Maintaining beautiful sparkling clear water is every pool owner’s goal. I have found that there are Five Tips that will go a long way to keep pool water crystal clear. I believe that it takes less effort, time, and is more cost effective to perform preventative maintenance, than the costs and inconvenience of solving a pool water issue.

  1. Good Housekeeping – Keeping debris out of your pool not only keeps your pool water looking its best, but it will also improve filtration and you can use less sanitizer. Checking and emptying your skimmer baskets regularly does not take much time. Keeping your skimmer baskets from filling with excessive debris will allow water to properly flow through your system. Brushing your pool walls and floor once a week helps prevent algae from growing. Most pools require vacuuming once a week or more, depending on the surroundings. Investing in an automatic cleaner will keep your pool looking great, save time and usually pay for themselves in the first season.
  2. Filtration – The longer you can run your filter, the better. It is difficult for algae to grow in moving water. Stagnant ponds typically look green, while a stream of water looks refreshing. Your sanitizers will also be more efficient when your pump is circulating your water. Saltwater generators do not produce chlorine when your pump is off. Tablets are not feeding water into your pool from your feeder, floater, or from the skimmer basket when the pump is off. The longer your system runs each day, the more times your pool water is being turned over passing through your filter. I’d suggest running your pool 10 to 12 hours straight each day as a minimum., and longer when the weather is hotter, and the pool is getting more use.
  3. Water Balance – Your pools pH, alkalinity, and hardness levels are vital for a healthy pool. Check your levels once a week. Dover Pools offers free water testing and encourages pool owners to bring in their water for a checkup. When your water is balanced, your water will be comfortable for bathers to swim. Sanitizers also do their best to keep the water clear and safe to swim when your pool is properly balanced. Lastly, your pool and equipment are better protected when a pool is balanced.
  4. Proper Sanitizer – Maintaining proper sanitizer levels is key to disinfecting your water, keeping it looking clear and preventing algae. There are many different types of sanitizers. All of them require weekly maintenance. This can include shocking a chlorine pool, replacing tablets in your feeder, or adding the correct dosages of Baquacil. I have found that when I help a pool owner solve a pool problem, their sanitizer level recently dropped below the recommended range, or they lapsed on their weekly addition of their sanitizer. I recommend creating a routine each week. For example, shock your pool or check the tablets in skimmer on the same day every week.
  5. Algae Prevention – Being meticulous on my first four tips should keep most of the pool crystal clear. Adding a seasonal or weekly algae preventative product is the icing on the cake. Weekly algaecides help prevent algae from blooming and are safe to swim shortly after when added properly. Pools in areas with a lot of landscaping or farms can benefit from phosphate prevention. Phosphates are a food source for algae. Reducing this food source will help prevent algae from taking over your pool. One of the best algae preventative products is Borates. Borates also prevent algae from growing, give pool water an extra sparkle, make the water feel softer, and reduce the amount of sanitizer a pool needs. Borates usually need to be added once a year. Bring in a water sample to your local Dover Pools and ask what algae preventative products

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