• Steve Jost 5/23/2024

Memorial Day is here, marking the unofficial start of summer here in Delmarva. What better way to celebrate than by throwing an unforgettable pool party? Whether you’re looking to gather friends and family for a day of fun or simply want to create some lasting memories, we have the perfect ideas to make your Memorial Day pool party a hit. From games to barbequing, here’s how to make sure your celebration goes swimmingly.

First, get the pool ready. Stop by Dover Pools for a free water test. A balanced pool will be comfortable for swimmers and ensure the water looks sparkling and crystal clear. Pick up any needed cleaning equipment to vacuum and remove any debris from the pool to create an inviting and welcoming backyard paradise. After the weekend of poolside fun, test, balance, shock and clean your pool.

Dive into Fun: Pool Games for All Ages

No pool party is complete without some exciting games to keep everyone entertained. Here are a few ideas that will bring out the competitive spirit and ensure hours of fun:

Pool Volleyball

Set up a net across the pool and divide your guests into teams. Pool volleyball is a great way to get everyone involved, whether they’re playing or cheering from the sidelines. All you need is a beach ball and a net, and you’re ready to go.

Water Balloon Toss

This classic game never gets old. Pair up your guests and give each team a water balloon. They’ll toss the balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. The last team with an intact balloon wins. It’s a simple, fun, and refreshing way to beat the heat.

Marco Polo

A timeless favorite, Marco Polo requires no equipment and can be enjoyed by swimmers of all ages. One player, eyes closed, calls out “Marco!” while the others respond with “Polo!” The goal is for the “Marco” to tag the “Polo” players while keeping their eyes shut. It’s a perfect game for mingling and keeping cool.

Pool Treasure Hunt

For a unique twist, throw dive sticks or waterproof toys into the pool and let the kids dive in to retrieve them. You can even assign different point values to each item for a competitive edge. This game is great for keeping kids engaged and active.

Sizzle and Smoke: Barbequing Tips for Your Pool Party

After working up an appetite with all those games, your guests will be ready to enjoy some delicious food. Barbequing is a quintessential part of any Memorial Day celebration, and we’ve got some tips to make sure your cookout is a success.

Grill Up Classic Favorites

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Burgers, hot dogs, and chicken wings are always crowd-pleasers. Make sure to offer a variety of toppings and condiments so guests can customize their meals. Don’t forget the vegetarian options like veggie burgers or grilled portobello mushrooms for non-meat eaters.

Some of the best backyard and poolside parties in Delmarva feature bushels of crabs. Hosting a party with blue crabs is a surefire way to impress your guests and create a delicious dining experience. Set up a fun, casual, outdoor setting with newspaper-covered tables and plenty of paper towels for easy cleanup. Provide mallets, crackers, and Old Bay seasoning to enhance the authentic crab-picking experience.

Side Dishes That Shine

Complement your grilled goodies with an array of side dishes. Think potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and pasta salad. Fresh fruit skewers or a big bowl of watermelon slices can also add a refreshing touch to your spread.

Sauces and Marinades

Elevate your barbeque game with homemade sauces and marinades. A tangy barbecue sauce, spicy buffalo sauce, or zesty lemon herb marinade can transform ordinary grilled meats into something spectacular. Marinate your meats overnight to infuse them with maximum flavor. There are plenty of local farmers markets around Delmarva that feature locally made sauces, marinades, and rubs to provide tasty unique flavors.

Desserts and Drinks

End your feast on a sweet note with some easy-to-make desserts like s’mores, brownies, or an ice cream sundae bar. For drinks, consider setting up a hydration station with infused water, lemonade, and iced tea. For the adults, a selection of summer cocktails like margaritas, mojitos, or a chilled sangria can add a festive touch.

Setting the Scene

Creating the right atmosphere is key to a successful pool party. Here are a few tips to make your backyard look and feel like a summer paradise:


Red, white, and blue decorations are a must for a Memorial Day theme. Hang up some festive flags, set out patriotic tablecloths, and add some star-spangled balloons. String lights or lanterns can create a cozy ambiance as the sun sets.

Music Playlist

Curate a playlist of summer hits and patriotic tunes to keep the energy high throughout the day. Make sure to include a mix of upbeat tracks and some relaxing background music for when everyone is lounging by the pool. Your favorite streaming service will have pre-set playlists of your favorite genre geared towards pool parties and Memorial Day.

Safety First

Lastly, always keep safety in mind. Ensure that there’s a designated lifeguard, whether it’s a hired professional or a responsible adult, to watch over swimmers. Always ensure an adult has their eye on the pool when children are present. Keep a first aid kit handy and make sure to enforce pool rules, especially with children around.

With these ideas, your Memorial Day pool party is sure to be a splash! So fire up the grill, inflate those pool floats, and get ready to dive into a day of fun and celebration. Happy Memorial Day!

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