A Brilliant Performance Allows Your Spa to Shine!

And a brilliant idea deserves  a spotlight. Take the Brilliance® for spas Spa Care System, a bro-mine based spa care program that produces glowing results in three simple steps. With all three easy-to-use Brilliance® products working in concert, it sets the stage for something truly noteworthy-clear, chlorine-free water with less odor and irritation to eyes and skin.

Caring for your spa with the Brilliance® for spas Spa Care System is a simple 3-step, 3-product system that gives you clear water and no hassle:

  1. Prevention with Brilliance® for spas Metal & Scale Control with Soy Protein.
  2. Clarify with Brilliance® for spas Oxidizer with Mineral Salts.
  3. Sanitize with Brilliance® for spas Sanitizer.

Test Weekly and Top up if necessary.

Know What Else is Brilliant? Money Back in Your Pocket.

Brilliance® for spas make chlorine-free AND getting cash back easy with our $3/$5/$7 Consumer Rebate. Come in to Dover Pools today for this limited time offer!