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Swimming Safety: Protect Your Children

Kids have an insatiable urge to use the pool as a playground. Vigilant adult supervision is the most effective way to avoid mishaps around the pool and ensure a fun, safe summer. But parents to swim, there should be pool rules to help ensure their safety.   “The most...

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Your Go-To Guide for Pool Filter Maintenance

For pool owners, few things are as satisfying as crystal clear water on a summer day. To ensure that clarity remains all season long, it’s important to properly maintain and clean your pool’s filter. Effective filter maintenance is important throughout the entire pool season, but it’s especially critical to...

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How to Create a Maintenance Schedule for Your Pool

Summer is upon us, and it’s time to put together your agenda for a fun-filled season of barbeques, backyard gatherings and other poolside activities. But while you’re in the midst of making your weekend plans for the next couple months, don’t forget about the responsibility of maintaining your pool....

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High Pool Activity Means Higher Maintenance Demand

If you’ve been waiting for warm weather and bright sunshine to get back into your workout routine, the time has come for pool fitness. From swimming laps to doing water aerobics, your pool makes exercise fun and engaging for the whole family. But it’s important to remember that exercising...

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Planning Pool Parties: A Recipe for Success

As a pool owner, you’ve thrown your share of unforgettable parties. With the new pool season in full swing, it’s time to take your hosting skills up a notch. With so many food options and pool accessories available, planning a poolside eventcan get overwhelming. To ensure stress-free planning, it’s...

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Pool Workouts: Start Slow, Stay Strong

Are you tired of running on a treadmill or riding the stationary bike at your local gym? If so, consider changing up your workout routine and take advantage of your pool as a source of exercise. But before you dive in to your first workout, it’s important to consider...

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Pool Safety: 7 Essential Tips

No matter how much experience you have owning and operating your pool, it’s still important to receive a refresher course on essential pool-safety procedures. With summer right around the corner, now’s a great time to revisit pool safety to ensure a fun-filled summer free of accidents and injuries. Your...

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It’s Pool Season, But Don’t Forget about Your Hot Tub

With warm temperatures and sunny skies, swimming in your pool is top of mind. Although your hot tub might be an afterthought this time of year, it doesn’t mean you have to shut it down completely until the mercury dips again in a few months. Instead, you can take...

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